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To sum my life up in a few words:

I love Jesus, my husband Josue, my dog Maverick, my family, fashion and my plants.


I'm a high maintenance girl - comes with the territory of being an only child and having curly hair - but I can also be so simple. Give me a $2 plant and I'll love you forever! My little garden of veggies & herbs brings me so much joy but please don't ask me about it unless you actually want to chat about it because I won't know how to shut up!


Music is also a big part of my life. I've worked on a few different indie records singing background vocals and my husband and I are worship leaders at our church along with several of my other family members so it' very important to me! Sunday is the Sabbath and Jesus comes first before anything else in my

life - including work.


I also love skincare and learning more about ingredients and formulas - it fascinates me! I also loveeeee hats & fashion & going outside the box with modest outfits - mixing patterns & colors is so fun to me! Lastly, my family is everything to me! I would not be where I am without them. I prioritize family time, birthdays and holidays to intentionally cultivate those relationships as we all get older & grow separately, but still together.

I pretty much don't know how or when to shut up sometimes! So rest assured, there won't be any awkward silences during our shoot because I can hold a conversation with anybody! I'm hoping my next conversation is with YOU!

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