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To sum my life up in a few sentences: I love Jesus, my fiance' Josue, my family and my plants. I'm a high maintenance girl - comes with the territory of being an only child and having curly hair - but I can also be so simple. Give me a $2 plant and I'll love you forever! Music is also a big part of my life.My fiance' and I are worship leaders at our churches along with several of my other family members. I love skincare and learning more about ingredients and formulas, it fascinates me! I also loveeeee hats. I have two hat walls and cant wait to keep growing my collection. My family and friend group is everything to me, literally everything. I wouldn't be the woman I am without them. I am a Leo so a lion by nature so I'm very protective of what's mine! If you're in my circle, you're in there for life!


I'm also a future Bride! I actually got engaged over Zoom due to the pandemic and since Josue is Guatemalan, we are getting married in Antigua, Guatemala sometime near the end of next year! Planning an international wedding is no joke but my fiance' is a literal angel and I don't know where I'd be without him so I'm so thankful that he's able to handle everything there until I get back there. Everyone always asks, so I'll start the conversation here and we can finish it in person at our session so, we met at our church youth convention in 2017 and have been together ever since #longdistance and he will be moving here after the wedding and he graduates Law School.

I'm literally an open book so if you have any questions at all, about me, my business, booking etc, please reach out, I'd love to chat!

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